Solid Sterling silver

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Sterling Silver Jewelry
Of Unparalleled Quality

Always Artisan Crafted

A Long Journey

Our sterling silver jewelry has a long journey before it comes to you.

Laura Renata Rubio travels regularly to Taxco, Mexico, the silver capital of the world, and is personally involved in the design, development, and selection of each piece of jewelry.

She works exclusively with small, family-owned operations, which in many cases employ an entire extended family.

Like the links of a chain, each component involved in bringing these treasures to you is absolutely necessary for the process to be fair and complete.

Each piece is unique and personal.

​It is wearable art.

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Honoring our Artisans

When you purchase sterling silver jewelry from our store, you are supporting a cause bigger than just beautiful accessories.

Our enterprise is committed to recognizing and promoting the work of fine silversmiths, and that starts with fair pay.

Along with our dedication to social responsibility, our jewelry boasts unmatched quality and unique designs that are sure to suit any style.

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All our jewelry is 92.5 Sterling Silver.  It is not silver coated: it is the real thing.  For a piece of jewelry to be called "sterling silver" it needs to be 92.5% pure silver alloyed with 7.5% copper. This is an international standard decreed by Edward I of England, and has remained unchanged since 1300 AD. 

Always handcrafted to perfection, our jewelry is made using time-honored methods handed down for generations, which is a deep source of pride.  By meeting the highest of quality standards, we are able to extend a lifetime warranty on every piece of jewelry we sell.

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