5 Reasons To Buy Sterling Silver

The value of sterling silver stretches over decades and decades of history, the true purpose beginning with the creation of very valuable coins. Now, sterling silver is considered a precious metal and is used in a plethora of forms including fine jewelry!

Oxidized Silver Swirl Ring

1. Sterling silver is very durable

One of the many desirable aspects of sterling silver is the durability of the precious metal. Genuine sterling silver 92.5 is the most durable, being that true silver is too soft and can easily be bent, dented, cracked, etc. In order to increase durability but keep the sterling shine, there is a very specific and formulated amount of copper or additional metal added to the silver composition.


2. Easy to clean!

From time to time, everybody has to do a good cleaning of any jewelry collection. Luckily, sterling silver will be the easiest. Since genuine silver tends to tarnish when exposed to oxygen for long periods of time, it is necessary sometimes to give a good clean! A good silver cloth or even some pine-sol and water (a secret recipe) will wipe any unwanted marks and it will look brand new again. We promise.


3. You can easily determine whether or not an item is genuine sterling silver

It is required that any sold or regulated sterling silver must have a stamp or hallmark verifying that it is indeed, genuine sterling silver. Typically, this stamp will be a very small indentation on the jewelry that says "92.5".


4. Silver goes with everything. Literally!

Sterling silver can be very versatile, unlike some other metals. Dress it up, dress it down, or try a little bit of both and mix it up! Serving laid back and professional looks in the morning, then spicing it up in the evening with elegance.

5. Hypoallergenic Accessories

Luckily, sterling silver doesn't contain cheap or inexpensive metals that have the tendency to irritate skin. Most of those who have a very hard time wearing "costume jewelry" will not react in the same way to sterling silver, being that it is hypoallergenic.