A Chunky Silver Ring

A chunky silver ring isn't just an accessory; it's a fashion statement. At Renata Rubio, our silver rings transcend ordinary jewelry; they are exquisite sculptures, each with its own story and character. Take, for instance, the Oxidized Silver Ribbon Ring—a true masterpiece of artistry.

Wax Casting: A Time-Honored Craft

Crafting a ring using the wax casting method is a testament to superb skill and artistry. This ancient technique, virtually unchanged since 4550 BC, begins with creating a wax model for each ring. Next, a refractory plaster mold is meticulously crafted, ready to receive the molten sterling silver. As the silver flows, it consumes the mold, leaving a sterling silver sculpture of exquisite detail. To create each unique ring, a new mold is forged. The result is not just a ring; it's wearable art, a testament to craftsmanship that translates into pure comfort.


Details That Dazzle

Oxidized Silver Ribbon Ring


The Oxidized Silver Ribbon Ring stands 17mm tall and spans an impressive 41mm width. Its inner creases boast an oxidized finish, while the outer edges gleam with a high polish finish, creating a captivating contrast that catches the eye. But that's not all—our collection features another silver ring that commands attention, the Thick Fanned Silver Ring. Crafted from five solid round bands, expertly soldered to form a single broad piece, it offers a look of unparalleled substance. This ring gracefully spans to the base of the knuckle, with a thinner back measuring 1/2 inch wide and a fanned front that measures just under 1 inch wide. While it doesn't undergo the wax casting process, it shares the same dedication to quality, evident in its high polish finish and straightforward design. This is a ring for those who appreciate the weight and solidity of silver jewelry.

Thick Fanned Silver Ring

Discover the Artisan Difference

Our silver rings aren't just accessories but statements of individuality and style. By adorning your finger with these masterpieces, you're embracing the timeless craftsmanship and artistry that go into creating wearable works of art. When you wear Renata Rubio's silver rings, you're not just wearing jewelry; you're wearing a story, a legacy, and a touch of ancient craftsmanship that transcends time. Explore our collection of #SilverRings, #StatementSilverRings, #ThickSilverRings, and #ArtisanSilverRings to find the perfect piece that speaks to your unique style.