Handcrafted vs. Machine Made

There was a time when fast fashion was not a thing. When clothing and jewelry were all handcrafted with care and attention to detail, each piece was unique, not formed from a mold or produced in a factory.

Flower Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Silver Pendant and Cuff

That is no longer the case. Machines now take designs and can three-dimensionally print jewelry. Tinier and tinier stones can be set with the use of machines. But at Renta Rubio, we still believe in handmade—molding a setting around the turquoise stones, each distinctive, cut, and polished by hand, creating more substantial jewelry while using fewer materials and maintaining artisan traditions that no machine can mimic.

Our oxidized silver beads are a perfect example of this. Thicker, more durable, they don’t dent when dropped or collapse under the weight of a substantial pendant. The same goes for our bestselling silver tube leather necklaces and bracelets. The silver stands up to be worn for decades—alone or with a pendant. And our silver rings are hand-hammered and crafted using substantive amounts of silver. No plating. No thin sheets or wire.

Sterling Silver Jewelry

There is an energy that resonates in a piece of handmade jewelry. The artisan has sawed, filed, soldered, and polished the piece by hand. There is always something individual about handmade work; no two pieces are exactly the same.