How To Choose The Perfect Necklace Based Off Your Neckline

You've chosen the perfect outfit for your night out and you're almost ready, but what about the accessories?! Some days may be harder to figure out what would be the perfect addition to a fabulous outfit, but this may help.

When determining the perfect necklace to match an outfit, it is important to the keep neckline in mind.



V-Neck: As far as v-necks go, it is always best to pair them with a similar shape. For example, try to avoid pairing a v-neck with a short, princess chain. Instead, opt for a necklace that matches and mimics the v shape of the blouse.


Scoop Neck or Strapless: Scoop necks as well as strapless tops typically show off the collar bones and upper chest region more than other styles do, so pair them with a necklace that will have the same effect. Typically, princess cuts or chains no longer than 17-19 inches do best with these types of necklines. Chokers with a typical length of at most 16 inches, pair best with strapless tops.


Turtlenecks/ High crew: When it comes to turtlenecks or most high seam necklines, a statement is the way to go! Typically, opera necklaces within 26-36 inches pair very well. Eccentric collar necklaces or beautiful layering necklaces are also awesome. Our six foot Sonora Turquoise necklace would go beautifully with a black turtle neck!


Halternecks, Keyhole Necklines, and One-shoulders: These are three of the only styles of blouses that call for no neckline accessorizing. Instead, these are better paired with a beautiful pair of dangling earrings to compliment the shoulders and collarbones.


When accessorizing, also keep the time of day or event planning in mind when choosing the perfect pair for an outfit. Try to only wear one statement piece at a time, and keep it simple with the earrings if the necklace is an eye catcher.

Have fun and message us if there are any questions!


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