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Whether you have a cocktail party, prom, or another big “event of the year” coming up, we’ve got you covered with plenty of tips and suggestions about which dress ring will go with your dream outfit. A dress ring can be a huge hit at any party, and you can add a big statement to the fashion conversation. Here’s a look back at some of the best trends of 2018 and predicted trends of 2019 to help you find the perfect dress ring.


Aren’t all rings the same unless they’re an engagement or wedding ring? Dress rings are basically any type of ring that isn’t used as a traditional sign of love and commitment, because you don’t necessarily have to wear them on your ring finger (the placement of the ring varies by culture). A dress ring has a bit more that makes a statement. The same could probably go for Claddagh rings because they are supposed to be worn in such a way so as to let others know if you are in a committed relationship with someone else.

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Cocktail parties give you the chance to stand out in any way, whether that means rocking your classic little black dress or the latest trending color and style. For 2014, the pastel trend will continue but with fresh cool tones rather than rose-toned colors. Still expect to see shades of pink and purple, but in shades of salmon and periwinkle. Shades of red are not a typical pastel color, but you can wear coral instead.

Cocktail parties let you break out your chunkiest piece of jewelry, whether it’s a huge Silver Curl Ring or a flower to keep up with the spring feel. When it comes to going out to cocktail parties, select one large piece of jewelry and keep the rest simple. Otherwise, it looks way overdone if you wear a large necklace, ring, earrings, and/or bracelet. The key to balancing out cocktail jewelry means wearing pieces that are not too close to each other. For example, if you wear a large ring and bracelet on the same hand, it looks clunky. The same goes for wearing a statement necklace with a long set of earrings. Select one piece of jewelry to wear on top and one for the bottom by wearing a ring with large earrings and no necklace OR a ring with a large necklace and simple earrings like studs.



The best part of going to a high school prom (besides dancing the night away with your friends) has to be all of the planning that goes into picking out the perfect look: dress, hair, makeup, shoes, purse, and, of course, jewelry. If your class’ prom has a particular theme (Hollywood, Under the Sea, Hawaii), you should choose your ring accordingly. So perhaps for Hollywood, for example, look for your inner Marilyn Monroe and wear a gorgeous diamond with a silver band. For Under the Sea, an iconic starfish, seahorse, or anchor piece, and with Hawaii, it’s all about the surf and sun with beautiful flowers and bright colors.

If you have a lot of school spirit, why not wear your class ring or school colors as well? At least for photos, it will be fun to look back at your high school years long after you have graduated. Every girl should feel like a princess on the night of her prom and it’s all about having a blast before the school year ends.


Disclaimer: Don’t think for a moment that beautiful dress rings are only for special occasions such as prom and cocktail parties! You can wear them anytime, anywhere to make your look shine.