The Blessings of Covid-19

One would think it is a big deal to work with a Fortune 500 company, and it actually is! My grandmother, in her infinite wisdom used to say "one never knows where blessings will come from" and I agree completely.


During Covid, my business, as many others around the world, came to a complete stop. Because looking for new cookie recipes only took about 2 hours of my day, and I had gotten my PPP loan from the SBA, I decided to hang out on to see what was out there for small firms like mine. One link read "get certified" which sounded like a challenge I was happy to take on.


From the long list of certifications available, I decided to start with the Cadillac of certifications: 8(a). I figured there was no way I would be approved, but then again, what if I did? Like I said, cookie recipes only took about 2 hours a day. So I got my taxes together for the past 5 years, my articles of organization, my balance sheets, my certificate of good standing, and so many other requirements I prefer not remember. About once a week, I'd get an email asking for more documents to submit, which I did in between Mexican wedding cookies and oatmeal raisin cookies.


Well, it was in March of 2021 that I got the unexpected: a letter from the SBA approving my 8(a) certification application. That letter opened the door to other possibilities and opportunities, mainly seeking my ACDBE certification (Airport Concessionaire Development Business Enterprise), which concentrates on airport retail.


Hudson Group is a large airport concessionaire that seeks to work with small firms like mine. Airports don't just want the Gucci and Cartier of the world to embellish their concourses. Airports make room for the little guy/gal. Hudson Group was bidding for retail space at the Colorado Springs airport and somehow found me to supply two stores with my handmade sterling silver jewelry.


Hudson Group was granted the space at COS and now my jewelry is proudly displayed in one pre-security store and one post-security store.


If you want to read more about it, here are a few articles.

Renata Rubio Jewelry in Colorado Springs Airport