Flat Small and Large Oval Necklace and Earrings on Model

This season, in fashion shows from world-renowned designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Stella McCartney and Givenchy, reign is given to jewelry in the maxi version. Massive necklaces, earrings and bracelets combine with minimalist styling in both elegant and casual styles. Jewelry clearly comes to the forefront. It becomes a perfect add-on, complementing the established creations, adds charm and style and additionally emphasizes our preferred style. The fashion to wear properly selected beautiful and massive necklaces definitely returned, long and solid earrings or massive necklaces are again popular. One of the leading trends for the summer is to emphasize the subtle styling with large sized necklaces.


We have quite a lot of variety here, because of the optically heavy metal necklaces, such as hand-made wire wrapping and those made of colorful glass, especially with the sutas method (A method based on wrapping colorful glass pieces with a special string). In all things, however, one must maintain moderation. The wrong necklace will look as if we were weighed down and the whole creation will lose its charm. Here are some rules on how to choose the right necklace for you:

We choose the jewelry for the whole outfit, so as to further emphasize the style we chose. The minimalist outfit will require a delicate modern look and a simple jewelry style, while the rock style is worth highlighting with massive chains to make it more readable for the observer.

The jewelry you choose cannot repeat the shape of your face.
Customize the necklace to your figure. If you have a large bust, choose medium sized necklaces. Avoid round forms, as it will cause an unnatural effect and optically thicken you. If you have a smaller bust, wear your jewelry higher. In this case, round necklaces with small elements will present much better. Give up long accessories with large and heavy pendants.
When choosing a necklace, duplicate the shape of the neckline of the creation which you will wear.

Long earrings
The most fashionable this summer are long, glamorous earrings. Here, the ones in the ethnic and festive climate reign, and in addition, following the new fashion trends, only one earring can be worn on one ear as well. When deciding on large earrings, it is better to give up a necklace or pendant, but you can wear a more modest bracelet, a watch or a delicate ring.

The motif of fringes and pompons is still fashionable, so if you do not have this type of earrings yet, then this summer is a good time for such a purchase. The so-called fringe earrings gained their charm due to fringes made of thin strips of strap or strings. Beautifully decorated earrings with fringes are a great addition to most creations.
Trends proposed by world-class specialists constantly amaze us. The current fashion is constantly changing and giving way to new styles. It turns out that in 2018, handmade jewelry is very popular. Its unique character delights and attracts more and more supporters who not only buy but also create it themselves. Beautiful appearance and appropriate matching of additives requires, however, the ability to maintain good taste and moderation. Remember to follow a few important tips to make you feel fashionable and comfortable in your chosen style.